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One of the most dynamic MLB players this season has been Shohei Ohtani.

Playing as both a pitcher and hitter, Ohtani is accomplishing feats not seen for decades in the league. The Angels star recently homered in three straight games, which could have rewarded sports bettors quite well.

Ohtani Stats: In the 2021 season, Ohtani is batting .272 with 54 RBIs and 23 home runs. Ohtani ranks second in the AL in slugging percentage, total bases and also ranks third in RBIs.

Ohtani also has a 3-1 record in 10 games as the starting pitcher with an ERA of 2.70 and WHIP of 1.16 along with 73 strikeouts in 53 innings pitched.

With his 23 home runs, Ohtani is tied for first in the AL and also leads the league with a 10.4 at-bats per home run ratio.

In a recent series with the Detroit Tigers, Ohtani dominated hitting four home runs in three games. This included hitting home runs in three straight games on June 18, June 19 and June 20.

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Betting $100 on Home Runs: A popular bet on Ohtani with his home run lead is betting on him to hit a home run in games.

Wagering $100 on Ohtani to hit a home run on June 18, paid out a profit of $300 at +300 odds. Betting $100 paid a profit of $225 on June 19. Betting $100 on a home run from Ohtani paid a profit of $350 on June 20.

Those three $100 bets paid out a profit of $875.

Bettors could also have let their profits ride and roll it into a continued bet on Ohtani to hit more home runs.

After getting a profit of $300 from the $100 bet on June 18, bettors could have placed all $400 on Ohtani to hit a home run on June 19. That bet would have paid out a profit of $900 and $1,000 total. Taking that $1,000 into the June 20 bet of Ohtani hitting a home run paid out a profit of $3,500 good for $3,600 total.

A $100 bet on Ohtani to hit a home run in three straight games with the winnings put into the next matchup turned the $100 into $3,600.

Photo credit: hj_west, Flickr

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