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The Huskers hosted John Pastore this weekend for the summer BBQ on Friday and the lineman camp on Saturday. The offensive center recruit from Erie (Colo.) was in Lincoln June 4th and earned an offer after a private workout from Nebraska.

“We got to Lincoln on Friday in the afternoon,” Pastore said. “We got there for the BBQ that afternoon and then I did the pipeline camp on Saturday.”

There was a tour for Pastore on Friday but he had seen everything a couple of weeks before. There wasn’t anything that he felt like he needed to take a closer look at during this visit.

“No, not really. We got to see everything a couple of weeks back. There really wasn’t anything that I needed to see again or felt like I didn’t see the first time.”

Both Pastore and the Nebraska coaches thought that he did well today at the lineman camp. The Husker staff did note to him that there were some things for him to work on.

“”I felt like I did a really good job at the camp today,” Pastore said. “The coaches said I did a good job and need a little technique work.”

The next time that Pastore is in Lincoln it may be on an official visit. He’s talked about it with the staff already but nothing has been scheduled.

“We haven’t talked about it a lot,” Pastore said about the official visit to Nebraska. “The Nebraska coaches have said something about doing an official visit. I just haven’t talked too much about it or set it up.”

The trip to Lincoln today was the second to last trip that Pastore has scheduled this summer. His last trip is for a camp tomorrow.

“I have been to South Dakota, Colorado State, Colorado, Wyoming and I am headed to Kansas State (Sunday). The trip to Kansas State is the last thing we have planned for this summer.”

The Huskers have hosted Pastore twice now this summer and he says that Nebraska would be towards the top of his list and he is getting close to his commitment timeline.

“I would like to make a decision before the season starts,” Pastore said. “I would say that Nebraska is in my top two right now.”