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The Nebraska football program landed their quarterback for the Class of 2022 today when San Antonio, Texas signal caller Richard Torres publicly announced his commitment to the Huskers on twitter.

“It was really just Coach (Scott) Frost, Coach Mario (Verduzco), and Coach (Matt) Lubick,” Torres stated as his main reasons for choosing the Big Red over Kansas State. “Coach Frost emphasized that he is really looking to go back to the Oregon days with Marcus (Mariota). Obviously, he was a Heisman winner and all that, so I want to be put in an offense that plays like that. You know what I mean?

“I think they’re going to really care about me and love me, so yeah, that’s why I chose Nebraska.”

Torres was able to watch film with the Husker coaches while he was in Lincoln, and they stressed to him the direction they want to take the NU offense in the future.

“It really related a lot to my offense at school, so I liked it a lot,” Torres said. “You know, making the reads I could really relate to it and see myself in it. I liked it a lot. Coach Frost said they want to take things more in a passing direction. Obviously, it will be an up-tempo offense, but more into passing and deep threats. We’ll see, though.”

Torres knows he has a big arm, and he also prides himself on his pocket presence/awareness, as well as his escape-ability in the pocket.

“I just think I can throw the ball, and I can throw the ball downfield with some accuracy,” Torres said in a self-evaluation. “I think I can evade players and offenders well. I feel like those are some of my strengths. I’m really quick and I can make people miss and make plays.”

In addition to his relationship with and trust in the Cornhusker coaches, there were other factors that tipped the balance in favor of Nebraska when it came to his commitment.

“It also really had a lot to do with the fans,” Torres shared. “Their fan base is really supportive and really big. I like that, and I like that they play in the Big Ten because it’s a really competitive league. I can compete against the best up there, so that was another reason.

“When I took my visit up there I saw some really big guys, and the offensive line has also been one of my concerns. When I saw those big guys, they just made me feel a whole lot better about things.

“Just the young talent that will be surrounding me made a difference, too. I know their tight ends room is really, really good, and their receivers are pretty good. They also have a freshman running back, so I feel like it was the right fit for me.”

Nebraska’s current quarterback also played a role in Torres’ comfort level in committing to become a future Husker.

“I have to give it to Adrian (Martinez) because he’s really helped establish and build the program, even though he went through some tough times,” Torres said. “I really want to build on what he did and finish it off. More so like him, leaving it better than I find it. Just keep on building it.

“I got to spend a lot of time with Adrian during my visit up there. Both nights I was there, we spent the whole evening together. We ate dinner together with my family and he kind of showed me around. Yeah, we spent a lot of time together.”

Now that Torres is done with the recruiting process, he plans to be a peer recruiter to help the Husker coaches fill out the remainder of this Class of 2022.

“Yes, I do actually planning on doing that,” Torres confirmed. “My mom was just mentioning that to me right now. Ernest Hausmann has already reached out to me and I saw him at the visit when I was there. He messaged me saying, ‘Congrats!'”

He also plans to turn his full attention to preparing for his upcoming senior campaign.

“I haven’t really been able to focus on my senior season, so I’m happy making my decision so I can now focus on my family, my community and my teammates. I’m going to strive to be the best for them. My goals looking forward are just to take the team to where we haven’t really ever been. Maybe an undefeated season, win the district, go past the second round of the playoffs.”

Torres said he was measured at 6-foot-5 and 206-pounds while in Lincoln. He probably will not be able to make it back up to Lincoln this summer, but he intends to get to as many Husker home games as possible this season.

“Not this summer, but definitely in the fall to check out some games,” Torres said. “I just want to see the fans because the energy of a game day is just different. I want to see that for sure just because I want to see what I will be walking into.