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Welcome back ya filthy animals! We open the show today with an ode to Covid-19. Jp gives an old school rant and gives a middle finger to COVID. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN! We also have the new Tampa Bay Lightning HYPE VIDEO to play for you all!!! ARE YOU READY FOR GAME 3?!?!? WE ARE!!! GO BOLTS!! We have Lighting Head Coach Jon Cooper audio along with Bucs Head Coach Bruce Arians and Bucs Linebacker Lavonte David audio. STAY TUNED IN!!!

At 3:30pm, we have Former Buccaneers Tight End, Anthony Becht, joining the show to talk some BUCS football. JP and AB talk about what is going on with Gronk? Are the Bucs misusing him? Is Arians comments on Gronk disturbing? Is Gronk TOO SLOW now? JP and AB break down what the Bucs can do to get Gronk more involved in the offense.

At 3:45 James Pytralka of Fox Sports joins us to chat with us about the NFL as a whole and gives us a breakdown of our quarterback Tom Brady! What does he think of the goat? Is he really the goat? Tune in to find out!

At 4:00 we have a deep discussion about the thin blue line and the impact they have on the community and sports. Should the NBA have BLM on the court or back off? Should the young men with the thin blue line flags on the football field be punished? Tune in to find out what JP and the team think.

At 4:45 we bring in to chat with us about what he intends to do for the community in order to prepare for the worlds largest sporting event… THE SUPER BOWL IS COMING TO TAMPA BAY!!! What does he have up his sleeve? Tune in to find out!


At 5:00 we bring you an update on what is going on with our Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We hear from players as well as head coach Bruce Arians. How will the Bucs improve their performance? Listen up to hear what head coach Bruce Arians feels is the best option!


The Rays have the potential to clench the playoffs tonight! However… their line up is questionable at best. Will they prove us wrong? Will Glasnow be the hero? Tune in to hear what we think here at the JP Show!

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