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We kick off the show with a crazy story that will absolutely blow your mind! Just when 2020 couldn’t get crazier… Colton Prescott of 727 Thrift found a Mike Evans game day jersey signed to Jameis Winston. What is this about? Tune in to find out.

At 3:15 Jameis 1 of 1 comes on and gives us the scoop on Jameis Winston and this signed Jersey. Hear what he thinks needs to happen to this signed jersey!

At 3:45 Ruth the Truth of “Beauty and the Cleats” podcast joins us to chat about fantasy football, this past week in the NFL, and the Jameis Winston jersey dilemma.Hear what a die hard football fan thinks of this.

At 4:00 Brian Fasulo the Media Mogul joins us with his opinion on the jersey situation as well as a little feel good story to brighten up our day. Tune in to hear it!

At 4:15 James Pytralka of Fox Sports joins us from the booth to chat about week 1 of the 2020 NFL season. What is his perspective on the teams that played and his breakdown of the players? Tune in to find out!


Last night the Rays won 6-1 and currently they are down 4-2 in the bottom of the 10th!


The boys in blue took and L last night against the New York Islanders but they’ll bounce back in game 6! We hear from Coach Jon Cooper and the gang on their game plan for the rest of the series. Will Brayden Point make a come back for game 6? Listen in to hear Coach Coop!


The BIG 10 is going to play!!! That means…. MICHIGAN AND MICHIGAN STATE ARE SUITING UP THIS FALL!!!! With that being said college football will make a return and theres nothing Governor Whitmer can do about it!


After last weeks loss to the conference rival New Orleans Saints, Tom Brady may not be the golden goose after all….Are Tom Brady and Coach Bruce Arians rocky? Tune in to find out what Head Coach Bruce Arians has to say.

At 5:20 Brian Bradley comes on to give us the Tampa Bay Lightning low down. Brayden Point? Game 7? Lightning going to the cup? Tune in to hear his predictions.

At 5:40 we bring in Doug Weachter to chat with us about the Tampa Bay Rays and their losing streak that cant seem to come to an end. What does Doug think needs to happen to get them out of their funk? Tune in to find out!

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