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Welcome to the JP Show! Hope everyone is having a great day on this glorious day to be a Tampa bay Lightning fan. We open with everything Tampa Bay Lightning. The Bolts take a somewhat “COMMANDING” series lead going up 1-0 in the playoff series after defeating the Columbus Blue Jackets. We have some Head Coach Jon Cooper audio. He got cold feet? Tune in!

At 3:15, we have Tampa Bay Lightning radio play by play announcer Dave Mishkin joining the show! Is his voice still in tact to have this interview after last nights marathon game? Dave also takes us into where he was announcing the game from and what was different. We also dive into the “X’s and O’s” with Dave, recap last nights EPIC 5OT Thriller and also what to expect for Game 2!

At 3:30, Pat Burnham of The Osceola joins us to talk some college football!! We ask Pat where is college football headed? Is college football going to play? What conferences are playing? What conferences are not playing? Pat breaks it down and gives us his take on what in the world is going on with College Football and also Pat gives his opinion on what he would do! Tune in!!!!!

At 3:45, James Ludeman of the great podcast “SET THE SAILS” joins us on the JP Show to talk some college football and Tampa Bay Buccaneers! With everything happening, does the NCAA know what they are doing? How busy is the transfer portal going to be? James also gives his take on Buccaneers camp! How’s the chemistry coming along with Bucs Qb Tom Brady? JP and James break down everything you need to know!

At 4:15, we have James Pytralka of Fox Sports joining the show to talk some NFL FOOTBALL!! James go over who the Fox Sports announcer teams are for the 2020 season. Also, JP and James break down on if college football conferences move to the spring. What would happen? Who would opt out? What about the NFL Draft? James answers all in this segment! Also, does James Pytralka think Super Bowl Champ Bucs defensive end Simeon Rice belongs in the Hall of Fame? Check it out!

At 5pm, Former Lightning Captain amd Lightning analyst Brian Bradley comes on the ice ready to talk LIGHTNING PLAYOFF HOCKEY! We cap last nights game and my oh my is Brian in a great mood! Who were the stars of last night? HOW ARE THERE LEGS GOING INTO GAME 2? What do we have to look forward to? With a poor power play (0-7) last night do we wish we had Stamkos back? Is he getting healthy? Brian answers all!!! JP and Brian also talk about Bolts and their physicality from last nights game through out the 5OT game!

At 5:30, we go over last nights Tampa Bay Rays win against those Boston Red Sox. Rays have won 4 out the last 5 games played!! The Rays have another tilt tonight against the Red Sox in game 2 of the series. We give you the line up for tonight’s game and a new Rays pitcher gone for the year?!?!? Tune in to hear who it is!!!!

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