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Hello and Happy Hump Day here at the JP Show!! We are live from the Sail Plaza here in South Tampa awaiting THE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!

The boys in blue will be greeting Lightning fans in the Stanley Cup boat parade along the Hillsborough river today at 5pm so if you see them say “what’sup?!” or “Congrats!”

At 3:15 we bring in our favorite baseball analyst Orestes Destrade to chat about our Tampa Bay Rays! Will they be the next champion to bring it home to the bay? They do say the best things come in threes…. Tune in to hear what he thinks.

At 3:45 Ryan Divenny of the “Casuals MMA” podcast joins us to give us the low down on Connor McGregor. Is he ready to fight? Who’s stronger? Hime or his Proper 12 Whiskey?” Tune in to get the scoop.

At 4:00 Tampa Mayor Jane Castor joins us to chat with us about the boat parade, social distancing, and all things Tampa Bay! Tune in to hear our lovely mayor.


We bring you sound from the former CY Young trophy winner Blake Snell about the Rays and their recent success! Tune in to hear what Blake told MLB Network is the reason behind the Rays success.

At 4:45 James Ludeman of “Set the Sails” Podcast joins us to give us some more input on our beloved Tampa Bay Rays. What does he think is the best plan for the rays? Tune in to find out.

At 5:00 we give the boys in blue the nice, warm, welcome home after winning the hardware and bringing it home to Tampa! Congratulations to these wonderful people!

At 5:15 we bring in Corey Long from to chat with us about the Lightning and the dynamics of the championship squad. What are his thoughts on the Stanley Cup Champions? Tune in to find out!

At 5:30 we bring in some very passionate Lightning fans and they are all over the moon, in the clouds, and safe to say WE ARE THE THUNDER!!!! Tune in and hear what makes them happy bolts fans.

We close out the show with the long awaited LIGHTNING BOAT PARADE!!!

To listen to our show visit and click that “Listen Live” button.