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The Boston Celtics have a storied history of NBA championships with plenty of other hardware to go with it, and when it comes to Coach of the Year, their legacy is literally written on the award — more on that shortly.

Over the course of their seven-decade history in the league and its origins in the Basketball Association of America that came before it, the club has garnered three such honors as that annually offered to the best head coach in the NBA as seen such by the media in charge of voting. Most Celtics fans can easily name one of the three, and stalwarts two or even three former Boston coaches so honored.

But can you also name the seasons in which each was so honored? Make your best guess, and then scroll down to see how you did.

1 – Red Auerbach (1964-65)

AP Photo/File

Auerbach was a shoo-in for this award given the trophy is named after him, with an iconic coaching record serving as a preamble for his tenure with the team as an executive.

2 – Tommy Heinsohn (1972-73)

AP Photo/Frank C. Curtin

Most younger fans know Heinsohn had a championship career as a player, but fewer are aware he was among the team’s best coaches in its storied history, winning the honor after helping drive his team to an NBA-best 68 – 14 record in the 1972-73 season.

3 – Bill Fitch (1979-80)

AP Photo/Peter Morgan

Fitch would only manage to drive Boston to the greatest single-season turnaround in league history up to that point, improving the Celtics’ record by 32 games in 1979-80 over their last returns. This post originally appeared on Celtics Wire. Follow us on Facebook! [lawrence-related id=50154,50138,50118,50073] [listicle id=50157]