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Even though the Vikings were without Dalvin Cook, Sunday’s win by the Rams was an impressive one. They overcame Matthew Stafford’s three interceptions and went on to win 30-23 on the road, their fourth straight victory in December.

Sean McVay was fired up to see his team come together in a tough stretch due to a COVID-19 outbreak and several injuries suffered by key players, sharing his excitement in the locker room after their Week 16 win.

As the Rams always do after a win, they shared audio of McVay’s speech in the locker room, recognizing guys who contributed to the victory. On Sunday, it was Travin Howard, Alaric Jackson and Brandon Powell who got a shoutout from the coach for the way they played against Minnesota.

“I can’t say enough about just the complementary ball, picking one another up when we needed,” he said. “Once we get into the playoffs, we know that’s not the end goal. We’ve got to do a great job gathering ourselves, getting ourselves ready to go, go get a dub next week against a tough Baltimore Ravens football team. We’re right where we want to be right now. You guys finished the month of December undefeated.”

You can listen to the full locker room speech below.