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There has always been something appealing about the lyrics to “Seasons of Love,” which you might better recognize as the song from the Broadway classic Rent that references 525,600 minutes.

How do you measure a year? That question is particularly germane to us at Sportico, which a year ago today published its first story or, as we say these days, piece of content.

The copy has been flowing ever since. Too many posts to count. Podcasts, live events and video calls, too—perhaps a year defined by Zoom, the noun. Handshakes and hugs will certainly be one of my measures moving forward.

We measure things like scoops and page views, of course. Those are measurable metrics. We also measure collaboration, smiles and struggle. Laughter, exhaustion and pats on the back, too.

I asked each member of the staff to contemplate what they’ve created over the last 525,600 minutes and to pick a favorite. That list is below.

It has been an unprecedented year in sports, defined by a pandemic pause. The break served as a reminder that sports do indeed bring us together. Sports are a global community. We are proud and honored to be at the center of it all—and we thank you for spending the past 525,600 minutes with us.

To mark our one-year milestone, we are proud to announce the upcoming launch of our Sportico subscription product. This launch will allow us to continue to focus on the stories, analysis and data points that matter—which, in turn, will provide you the insights that will lead to bigger, better and more diversified business outcomes. Ahead of our paywall launch on July 14, we want to give you the opportunity to subscribe early at a special insider price.

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