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Rescued puppy tries so hard to befriend unimpressed cat

This is Kobe, a brave little rescued puppy who is full of enthusiasm and joy, and he wants to make friends with everyone. The cat, however, not so much… Kobe was one of the first in the litter to try his luck with the much larger, Alfie, also a rescue with a heart warming story. Alfie had been dumped at a high kill shelter in Houston, abandoned by a family that forgot how to be loyal to such a loving soul. Alfie also had a snapped femur, which was unexplained at the time. Alfie was going to need expensive surgery and care and despite being handsome and charming, he was not going to be adopted. But Alfie was found by Black Dog Farm and Rescue in Texas. He was affectionate and loving from the moment he was picked up. Even through his surgeries and recoveries, all he wanted was love, and he had plenty to give back. Black Dog Farm and Rescue provides homes for dogs, cats, cows, hens, and other animals. They take on the most costly and desperate cases, reluctant to give up on anything that wants to live. And animals like these, who haven’t given up on people. Kobe never knew life before Black Dog Farm. He was born on this farm when his mother, Faith was brought here, pregnant and needing love and care. Faith was a devoted mother who cared for her babies like a true mother. Alfie watched the puppies grow and they grew on him too. Kobe and Alfie have become extremely good friends. They play constantly, always being careful to never hurt the other. Black Dog Farm runs, in part, due to the generosity and support of animal lovers around the world. Follow them on Rumble, YouTube, Facebook and please, consider making a contribution that helps them perform their miracles. They would love your support, no matter how much or how little.