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Former New York Giants scout Steve Verderosa, who was fired by the team in 2020 after several decades of service, warned against the potential promotion of assistant general manager Kevin Abrams earlier this week.

“Kevin has been the one negotiating the bad signings (Nate Solder, Kenny Golladay, etc.). He is not a football guy — never played, coached or scouted. Need a football guy!” Verderosa tweeted.

It was just the latest of several critical takes on the Giants and their executives that Verderosa has shared in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, Giants senior vice president of communications Pat Hanlon had finally heard enough. He shot back at Verderosa in a series of tweets that seemed to indicate there had been a major falling out.

Although Hanlon tweeted Verderosa directly, the former scout did not reply directly. Instead, he sent out a standalone tweet.

Hanlon has never been shy about sharing his two cents and will chime in when he feels it’s necessary. In this case, he clearly felt Verderosa had some ulterior motives and wasn’t going to let the criticism go unchecked.

Still, with the Giants down and out bad, this sort of public exchange does not reflect well. And with another season circling the drain, optics are really all that’s left in East Rutherford.

It’s just been that kind of year for the Giants. And when we say “year,” we really mean “decade.”


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