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Giants first-round draft pick Kadarius Toney wasn’t able to finish his first NFL practice.

Toney, a wide receiver from Florida, tweaked his right foot during the first day of rookie minicamp, which he attributed to his cleats being the wrong size. Toney did not participate in the conditioning runs at the end of practice, although he indicated that was just a precaution, and he actually took off a shoe and briefly ran routes with a bare right foot as he tried his best to participate despite the shoe malfunction.

“I think it was just the wrong size,” Toney said, via the New York Daily News. “They’re figuring that out right now. . . . I do whatever it takes, you know what I’m saying? I probably have [done that before], honest. I don’t remember. It’s just me. That’s the dog mentality.”

Toney said he’ll always do as much as he can.

“Like if I was limited to anything, I just had to deal with that,” he said. “Nerve-wise, I was eager to go out there and show the coaches what I can do. They came and took a chance on me. The least I can do is show them my ability and what I can actually bring to the organization.”

It wasn’t a perfect start for Toney, but the Giants surely like having a player who would try to practice barefoot if he can’t find the right cleats.

Giants Kadarius Toney briefly practiced with a bare foot after getting wrong-size shoe originally appeared on Pro Football Talk