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We open up the STACKED show! A HOTLINE TO “SNITCH” on fellow players, is this breaking “code”? BIG NFL DAY TODAY! With a numerous amount of great guests on the show! TUNE IN!

Anyone attending an NFL Game will be required to wear a mask! Is there loopholes within this rule? How far will the rule “stretch”/be enforced? JP and the crew breakdown the new rule and what it means for the future of the NFL.

At 3:15pm, Brad James of Genesis Communications joins JP to talk about the game of 18 holes. Brad and JP talk what in the heck happened at The Memorial. Both guys also give their opinion on golf without fans. Does the PGA miss the fans? Why did they back out of their initial statement of allowing fans into tournaments? Brad and JP take a 6 iron to the sport of Golf and also let everyone know about some good memories! “FORE”!!!!

At 3:45pm, James Ludeman of “Set the Sails” Podcast and part of the illustrious Fan Stream Sports Family joins The JP Show to talk the HOT topics in the NFL. What is James thinking about the new rule that all fans will have to wear masks? The guys also discuss Brady’s leadership especially with him being more open now being in Tampa. Is the NFL/NFLPA negotiations going smoothly? What is it going to take to make everyone involved happy? JP and James speak up on what needs to be done.

At 4pm, the BIG “O”, Orestes Destrade joins JP to talk some RAYS BASEBALL and MLB. Big O and JP get into how good the COVID testing has been for the multiple leagues. MOOKIE BETTS, former MVP, LA Dodgers OF, Just signed a deal 13 years $390+ million dollars!!!! Where are the Blue Jays going to play?What was Big O’s expert analysis on last nights scrimmage? Did the Rays “Knock it out of the park” or did they “Strikeout”? What players did well and what players surprised the guys? Is this the best rays roster ever? Does the loss of Rays pitcher, Colin Poche effect this team? Tune in to hear two guys talking some of AMERICA’s Pastime.

At 4:30, Dr. Karen Hotchkiss, ENT Pediatric Specialist, joins the show to give you all the knowledge she has learned over the years and the lowdown on wearing a mask…or not wearing a mask. Working in Tampa for 15 YEARS!!! Trained at John Hopkins!! Masks or GOGGLES, what is more safe for COVID PREVENTION? What is Dr. Hotchkiss’s view on kids going back to school? Dr. Hotchkiss delivers WORDS OF ADVICE. She might know a thing or two, you gotta listen to this interview!

At 4:45pm, Jeff Stanislow from, our resident Sports Business Guru, drops knowledge upon our headtops about what’s going on from sports organizations. A-Rod and J.Lo buying the Mets??? Jeff crunches the numbers of how much the Mets want and what are the offers? Are there any mystery bidders?

At 5pm, Top of the final hour, we discuss what the Blue jays being DISOWNED by Toronto, being deemed unsafe. Where do the BLUE JAYS play? We also have Rays audio from players, Blake Snell, Tyler Glasnow, Ji-Man Choi and manager Kevin Cash. Rays Ace Pitcher, CY Young finalist Charlie Morton starting for the Rays season opener.

At 5:15pm, The Draft Network’s Trevor Sikkema aka “Tampa Bay Tre” joins the show to breakdown the Bucs being a “matchup nightmare” for opposing NFL teams. We cover “Brady’s leadership”, Trevor dissects what he loves about Tom Brady getting prepared for the season. What makes Tom Brady so great? What do we get and what should we expect from the rookies for the Bucs? Donovan Smith saga, Brady’s blindside LT, is he playing? Trevor speaks on the topic on if Donovan Smith does decide to opt-out.

At 5:45, we go back “DOWN IN THE DMS” with Kasey the Intern. What exciting stories does she have in store this week? Washboard abs has a girlfriend now? Tune in for some “juicy deets” from Kase momma.

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