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Virtually every student who walks onto Florida State’s campus for the first time is aware of the school’s reputation for dominant athletics. The legacy is almost inescapable; many students attend classes in Doak Campbell Stadium, flanked by statues and plaques honoring the athletes and coaches who have brought thousands of fans to their feet or roused them to chop along to the War Chant.

Some grew up watching the Seminoles on TV, while others made the trek up to watch a football game with family members who attended FSU years ago. Some might have grown up cheering for Florida, Miami or another school, but had their prior allegiances washed away by coming to Tallahassee. Either way, fandom runs deep at Florida State, and it goes far beyond the bleachers.

Many opportunities exist for students to gain experience in the sports industry, starting with FSU’s very own sports teams and the massive infrastructure that supports these million-dollar programs. In addition, students can choose to major in sports management, and they can practice applying the concepts that they learn about in class right here on campus, giving them critical experience that is necessary to succeed in the sport industry.