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Happy weekend people and welcome to the JP Peterson show! Today we bring you all the latest news in sports, news, politics, pop culture and more!


Now that the season is over it is time to go over the payroll. Will the Rays team look extremely different next season? Who will stay? Who will go? Tune in to find out!

At 3:30 Our friend Cliff from Conservative Grounds joins us and bears gifts! Vote for Trump and get some ice cream and new toys. What kind of new toys? Tune in to find out!

At 3:40 our good friend and quarterback guru “Sugar” Shane Stafford to chat with us about football and the breakdown of the analytics going into this weekends upcoming match ups. What are his thoughts? Tune in to find out!

At 4:20 Pat Burnham of The Osceola joins us to chat about FSU football and their heartbreaking loss against the Louisville Cardinals. He gives us a breakdown of wha happened in that game and a perspective on how the seminoles can improve. Will it look different this weekend? Tune in for the lowdown.

At 4:30 we bring in Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports to discuss his predictions for the college football games this weekend. Who does he got and why? Tune in to find out.

At 5:45 Intern Kasey closes out the show and her time here with “Down in the DM’s!” The men of the internet and the streets of Tampa Strike again! Has she found love? Will one of these guys be the one? Tune in to find out.

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