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The Bucs are preparing to take on the conference rival the New Orleans Saints this Sunday and we hear from head coach Bruce Arians and his thoughts as opening day approaches.

The Bolts get ready to take on the New York Islanders in game three! Will the boys in Blue be a step closer to the Stanley Cup? What about Brayden Points condition? Tune in to hear what Coach Cooper has to say!

At 3:30 Our favorite guy Sugar Shane Stafford and quarterback guru chats with us about the upcoming game this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. Tune in to hear his predictions and his break down of the two teams!

At 3:45 our buddy Evan El Bushman from the Sports Caffeine Podcast joins us to talk fantasy football as well as the Bucs! Tune in to hear what the great El Bushman has to say.

At 4, we have some Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper audio getting ready for tonight’s game 3 against the New York Islanders. What will the Bolts do without some BIG TIME players? Cooper also talks about what his memory was of 9/11/2001. We also dive into Rays Baseball after last night’s loss. It is the 3rd straight loss for the Rays are they going to turn it around? The gang shares their thoughts!

At 4:15, Pat Burnham of the Osceola checks into the show to talk some COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! Fans in the stands? Did the Noles sell out their tickets? FSU game this weekend against Georgia Tech, who do Pat and JP got winning? Pat breaks down what we need to know going forward for the rest of the season!

At 4:30 Lee Sterling joins us to give us the low down on college football and his predictions on the upcoming game Bucs game this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. Who’s does he got? Georgia tech or Florida State? Tampa Bay or New Orleans? Tune in to find out!

At 4:45 we place our bets on this weeks NFL game. What teams are you betting on this week? Call us and tell us who you’re betting on and why!

At 5:30 we have highly decorated police officer and 9/11 survivor Manny Carrillo joins us to remind us of what happened that day. To hear why we should not defund the police and take back America tune in and hear what the man who saw the horrific attack with his own eyes has to say.

At 5:45 we close out the show with “Down in the DM’s” with intern Kasey. Has she found the love of her life? Is there a return of a certain someone? Tune in to hear her latest guy talk.

Visit and hit that Listen Live button to listen back to our show! Cheers and happy weekend people!