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We open with a couple cracks!! More division? We don’t need it! Buccaneers first round draft pick OT Tristan Wirfs talks to the media and also head coach Bruce Arians audio. NBA restart is OFFICIALLY BACK AND PLAYING!! We pound the glass on last nights big game. Social justice with sports, what do we really think? JP gives a heartfelt message to anyone who chooses to display social justice messages while playing in sports.

At 3:45, Evan “EL Bushman” from Sports Caffeine podcast joins the show! We play some Bucs Rookie OT Tristan Wirfs audio with the Bucs media. How important is it to protect Tom Brady? How in the world can Wirfs jump out of pools? Wirfs answers the question and we give our thoughts to wrap it up! Also, JP asks Bushman about the COVID scare in the NFL; bushman shares his thoughts. LESEAN MCCOY SIGNED TO THE BUCS??!!!! Brady gets a veteran pass catching back who can be serviceable in pass protection.

At 4pm, we take a “dive” into some hockey! JP filming with Brian Bradley, former Captain of the Lightning for a tv show. What were the lightning lines in practice? JP gives you who was skating with who. We have some Tampa Bay Lightning audio from head coach Jon Cooper from his presser. Cooper gives us a update on Lightning Captain Steven Stamkos and Fellow lightning defensemen Victor Hedman.

At 4:30, We go over what in the world happened last night with the Tampa Bay Rays. Games being postponed for Covid Prevention. ATHLETES GET OVER IT! NONE ARE AT HARM!! JP shares his opinion on MLB postponing games.

At 5pm, we kick off the top of the third hour with kneeling for the anthem again. Is this news? We are confused? We talk about more social justice for this segment. Do people not care anymore about politics in sports or is it worse than ever? JP gives you the straight line truth!

At 5:15pm, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told MLBPA executive director Tony Clark on Friday that if the sport doesn’t do a better job of managing the coronavirus, it could shut down for the season, sources told @JeffPassan. Is this a threat or a promise from Commissioner Manfred. What does this mean for baseball? What does this mean for Manfred?

At 5:30, we have more audio from Tampa Bay Bucs Rookie OT Tristan Wirfs. Reporters asked him a couple questions. Has Wirfs has a “welcome to the NFL” moment yet? Has he met Tom Brady yet? Does he have support from fellow linemen? Wirfs answers the questions about being a rookie.

**COLLEGE FOOTBALL UPDATE**Tune in to hear the most up-to-date news in the world of college sports.

At 5:45, we go DOWN IN THE DMS with Intern Kasey. What guys had the balls to message her this week? Does washboard abs have a girlfriend? Is the love story over? Tune in!!

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