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Apparently we are not capable of going a day without an NBA fan doing something mind-bendingly idiotic to an NBA player or during a game.

In the third quarter of the 76ers game against the Wizards Monday, a fan sprinted onto the court, jumped up and touched the backboard, then was tackled — quite well — by security. Here are a couple of views of the incident.

I’m curious what Dwight Howard said to the man after security took him down.

As the Wizards’ “fan” was hauled off by security under the building, he was waving his arms exhorting the crowd, as if he had dome something impressive, while the fans near the exit booed him.

The fan has been permanently barred from the arena and could face charges.

This incident follows on the heels of a Celtics fan throwing a water bottle at Kyrie Irving, 76ers fan throwing popcorn on Russell Westbrook (said fan was ejected from the game, stripped of his season tickets, and banned from the Wells Fargo Center); a Knicks fan attempting to spit on Trae Young (he has been banned Madison Square Garden); and three Jazz fans crossing the line with the family of Ja Morant and saying vile things to them during a game (those fans were ejected and barred from returning to the arena).

Multiple incidents in multiple cities, all in less than a week.

The NBA and arenas have had these fans arrested, taken away tickets, and barred them from the arena for life, but with limited success in deterring future events. Maybe finding a way to hit these fans in the pocketbook would have an impact, but maybe not.

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