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The Falcons, miffed by the blow to their trade leverage that came from Julio Jones‘ “I’m out of there” comments on FS1, are using their own website to build back some of it. reports that ESPN has reported that the Atlanta Falcons have an offer on the table for a first-round pick in 2022.

Said Diana Russini of ESPN’s Get Up, “I was told the Atlanta Falcons have on the table right now from a team a first-round draft pick in the 2022 draft.” The Falcons have now told the world what Russini has been told.

If that’s the case (one General Manager with a team other than the Falcons doesn’t believe it is), it has happened quickly. As of Monday, the idea was being pushed that the Falcons, while looking for a 2022 first-round pick before the 2021 draft, would take a 2022 second-rounder. Also, the Falcons wouldn’t have been so upset about FS1 harvesting the “I’m out of there” comment, if the Falcons already had a first-round offer on the table.

There are two important, but unknown, factors regarding this offer, if it was indeed made. First, does it come for a team expected to pick high or low or in the middle of the first round of the next draft? Second, how much of Jones’ $15.3 million guaranteed salary will the Falcons be expected to pay in order to get the first-round pick?

As previously reported, the Falcons could have gotten a second-round pick in 2022 without paying any of Jones’ salary before the 2021 draft. After the draft, it’s still unclear whether that same offer will be available.

The window for trading Jones opens on Wednesday, June 2. That’s when the cap charge becomes manageable.

Falcons repeat report that Falcons have first-round pick on table for Julio Jones originally appeared on Pro Football Talk