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The Longhorns were rewarded for their work and consistency this season when the NCAA announced they were the No. 2 national seed. Basically, they’ve put themselves in the best possible position to play baseball in Omaha and hang out there for a while, and when that No. 2 overall seed flashed across a television screen in the Texas clubhouse, it added more confidence to the group watching.

“It was definitely excitement. I would also say confidence too,” responded Tristan Stevens about the reaction inside the clubhouse. “Seeing that we have that number two seed kind of helps solidify what we know what we’re capable of. And you know, to see that two seed and what we’ve paired with, it brings a lot of excitement and joy. the competition aspect of it and just thinking about how the Disch will be packed for the first time this year at the right time of the year makes it all worth it.

Texas knows why it ended up the No. 2 overall seed. All season the Longhorns have exhibited a fantastic work ethic behind the scenes which has served as a foundation for the team’s culture.

“I definitely have to say it’s our culture and our mentality,” said Tristan Stevens about UT’s success this season and being awarded the No. 2 overall seed. “We seem like a team that we’re never really fazed by adversity. We know what we bring to the table. And the best thing about this team is we can win in multiple ways. Whether it’s pitching, defense or timely hitting, this team can beat you in multiple ways. And that’s what gives us the confidence to face up against anyone.”

Make no mistake, the Longhorns know their biggest challenges begin now and all the work done this season can’t go to waste. And they know they can improve, especially following a 2-2 showing in the Big 12 Tournament with 47 strikeouts in the batter’s box.

“Well, that’s how we got in this position is just putting the work in. And so the excitement today, there’ll be some bounce in their step. But we have some good reference from this past weekend of we can definitely get better. And they understand that. And they know that we need to be at our best going into a regional play in the postseason. So, I don’t think we’re gonna have to convince them of anything or motivate them. I think they’re going to be right,” said David Pierce.

So, today is a work day for the Longhorns. That’s how they like it. Yeah, they’re excited. But their celebration isn’t about their seeding; it’s about getting back on the field and working ahead of postseason baseball at home. The Big 12 Tournament revealed areas for growth this week before Friday’s game vs. No. 4 seed Southern (1:00 p.m. on LHN)…