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Jason Kelce opens up on Carson Wentz’s 2020 collapse originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Nobody had a closer view of Carson Wentz’s historic 2020 collapse than Jason Kelce, who snapped him the football more than 800 times.

Kelce spent five years with Wentz, became very close with him and was caught in the middle during a breakdown between a coach that he thinks the world of and a quarterback he thinks the world of.

In a recent interview with Angelo Cataldi on the 94 WIP Morning Show, Kelce spoke for the first time about Wentz’s 2020 season and how the Eagles’ struggles last year and Wentz’s struggles had a ripple effect throughout the team.

“I don’t want to speak for Carson, obviously, (but) first of all, the year was terrible and I think that when you have that bad of a season, unfortunately, there’s going to be people that start to point the finger and that’s something you deal with in any losing season,” Kelce said. 

“Jobs start getting on the line, people don’t think they’re the reason why they’re losing, so, ‘It’s not me, it’s this guy, it’s that guy, it’s this guy,’ so that ruins relationships and I think that the reality is if you go 4-11 everybody shares some of this blame, everybody screwed up.

“Carson was the first to tell me – and he would tell you guys – he didn’t play well last year, and he knows he needs to get better and when people are getting fired and guys’ livelihoods are on the line, players’ livelihoods are on the line, those relationships can go south pretty quick.” 

Wentz’s statistical collapse has been well documented, but he ranked among the bottom one or two QBs in the league in virtually every statistical category before Pederson benched him in Green Bay in December. 

Pederson wound up getting fired, Wentz was traded to the Colts and Kelce returns to a team now coached by Nick Sirianni and quarterbacked by Jalen Hurts.

“You learn a lot about guys when seasons start going down,” Kelce said. “You learn a lot about guys in tough times. I still love Carson, I’ve got a lot of respect for him. Obviously, the way this thing ended (was) not ideal, but I think he’s actually going to do pretty well in Indianapolis. 

“They’ve got a good offensive line, they’ve got some good pieces that he’s been successful with before and then Frank Reich, if you look at the quarterbacks he’s been around, he finds a way to get the most out of that position.

“I don’t want to get into particulars because I don’t want to speak for anybody. But this is just kind of what happens when you have losing seasons pile up.”