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For the third time in as many years with Brian Flores as head coach, the Dolphins are breaking in a new offense and the guys in charge of it weren’t terribly forthcoming about what it will look like on Monday.

Co-offensive coordinators George Godsey and Eric Studesville have both been on Flores’ staff the last two years and Godsey said “some things we’ve done well” will remain in the offense. He and Studesville also said that they will be incorporating new concepts brought in by all members of the staff in hopes of being a “diverse” offense come the regular season.

“We’re all involved in it,” Studesville said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “We all have input. Players are involved. The entire offense is built to be a collaborative effort. Right now, it’s building that way. That’s how we’ve done the playbook. That’s how we started with the players right now. That’s how we’re doing things in the walk-throughs, and I don’t see that changing in any way going forward. It’s all collaborative. We’re all going to have input on it.”

They didn’t say who will be calling plays once the Dolphins hit the field this fall and Studesville said the playbook is “a living document” that will continue to grow as all of the collaborators see how all the pieces fit during practice sessions.

Dolphins “entire offense” built as a collaborative effort originally appeared on Pro Football Talk