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Did Harper teach a Braves fan how to pronounce Acuña’s name? originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Bryce Harper is used to being the target of heckling. It comes with the territory when you’re a six-time All-Star, former NL MVP, and one of the highest-paid players in baseball history. 

He came across one of those hecklers on Friday night when his Phillies visited the Atlanta Braves. The fan repeatedly shouted, “you’ll never be as good as Acuña,” referring to the Braves’ outfielder and former NL Rookie of the year Ronald Acuña Jr. but pronouncing his name wrong.

In a must-see moment, it appears Harper politely turned to the fan and gave him a lesson in how to pronounce the last name of his team’s star player.

It takes an audacious fan to go after a player of Harper’s pedigree as a player, but audacity and a general lack of knowledge might have gone hand-in-hand in this interaction.

The Phillies fell 8-1 to the Braves on the night and Harper’s performance likely didn’t change this fan’s mind. But hopefully he was able to impart some basic knowledge on how to properly pronounce the name of one of baseball’s best up and coming players.