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Apr. 10—Dickinson softball team pulled a back to back win on Thursday, April 8 here at home against Bismarck High School. This was the chance for coach Amanda Mickey to see how they faced a strong side — and she was not disappointed.

The first game started at 3 p.m. at the North Softball Complex at Dickinson High School. It was a nail biter for some after witnessing Bismarck grab seven points at the top of the second inning. But Dickinson’s mentality did not falter and ultimately set them up for their first win of the day. Freshman Ava Jahner pitched and had five strikeouts with an eight inning pitch. Reese Hauck played a fantastic game with four hits and two RBIs one of which was a walk off RBI in the bottom of the eighth inning, resulting in a 12-11 triumph.

“When (Bismarck) scored seven runs, (Dickinson) didn’t drop their shoulder or head or anything; they kept them up and knew that they had a lot of game left,” Mickey said. “Neither their mentality or their body language changed, nothing changed. That is something you can control, it doesn’t take talent. That is something great to recognize and be able to do.”

The second game Dickinson started strong with two points in each of the first two innings while not allowing Bismarck to complete a single run. They were fortunate to have Mataya Mortensen pitch for all seven innings after her injury from hockey. The final score was 5-2.

“We thought if we were lucky we would get maybe two innings out of her and for her to come back and pitch after not pitching for over a month, full seven innings and holding them to two runs, I am overly impressed with her,” Mickey said. “It takes a lot of guts to go out there and fight through the pain and do a good job like that.”

Mickey gave high praise to her players but also to Bismarck’s. She aims to keep the team’s momentum throughout the season into regionals.

“(Bismarck) is a good team . . . 18 hits off of Bismarck is saying something,” Mickey said. “Just because we beat them twice doesn’t mean nothing; they are going to come out gunning for us in regionals, they are a heck of a team.”

The Dickinson ladies have not beaten Bismarck High since 2018 and though it builds confidence, coach Mickey will continue to push the team and keep them humble.

“Defensively we can’t allow 10 runs to a good tough team or any team . . . The work is never finished, there is always something to keep working on, keep drilling them on. We are going to get better, but we have a long way to go,” Mickey said. “We got to play every team like they are the best, so we work on doing the little things right. I don’t want to look past that because it’s those little things that win you big games.”

Next time out, Dickinson softball will take on Williston at home at 3:30 p.m., April 13.