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One of the biggest mysteries of the past couple of weeks in the NFL relates to the team that didn’t want Tom Brady in 2020, prompting him to observe that the team in question is “sticking with the motherf–ker.”

Some in the league insist that Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is the unnamed motherf–ker. Carr says he’s not, as far as he knows.

“From what I know it wasn’t me, which is good,” Carr told Brother from Another on Wednesday. “I know you got the rings, but if it’s not me then we’re good. What I heard, it wasn’t me. And so I’m good with that.”

So how does he know that? Carr declined to name names, but he said he got it “[f]rom a good source.”

Without knowing the source, it’s impossible to know how good it is. Coach Jon Gruden, for example, has a well-earned reputation for saying whatever he needs to say in whatever situation.

Regardless, there’s only one source who knows for sure, and it’s Brady. Hopefully someone will eventually ask him.

Derek Carr: From what I heard, I wasn’t the guy Tom Brady was referring to originally appeared on Pro Football Talk