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Darrick Forrest approves of his podcast-inspired nickname originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Darrick Forrest was one of 10 college players that the Washington Football Team grabbed in the most recent NFL Draft, and like his fellow prospects, Forrest held a conference call with the local media soon after hearing his name called. 

It was during that talk where Forrest did something unique that separated himself from the rest of the Burgundy and Gold’s selections. 

While every other newly-turned pro certainly did their best to give thoughtful responses to reporters’ questions, Forrest began each of his answers by first saying, “Gotcha.” Only after dropping that affirmative did he go about his way. He was more consistent with that word than Tress Way is with his left leg. 

NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay even asked Forrest about the habit during that introductory chat, and in Washington Football Talk’s podcast recap of the event overall, Finlay decided that Forrest’s nickname should be “Gotcha.”

From there, listeners of the pod began tweeting the defensive back in an effort to make him aware of his fresh moniker:

And, clearly, the hype made its way to Forrest himself, who’s begun referring to himself with the Finlay-bestowed sobriquet:

Fortunately, in his debut appearance on Washington Football Talk, Forrest officially approved of his new tag.

“I’ve been loving the name Gotcha Forrest,” the rookie said.

“It’s a pretty cool nickname, and you know, after an interception, I can look at the quarterback and give ’em a ‘gotcha.'”

Not every nickname is good, and not every social media movement is good. In the case of Darrick Forrest, however, the stars aligned, and from this day forward, he shall be known as “Gotcha.”

Got it?