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Former Boston Celtics star point guard Kyrie Irving can be a complicated player to have on the roster of your team. No news to Celtics fans of course, but he was cut from a different cloth before he ever suited up for Boston, and continues to make waves even while finding some measure of success with his new team, the Brooklyn Nets,

It seems some of the waves he made in his second season with the Celtics’ Atlantic Division rivals has reportedly caused the Nets front office to at least ponder whether moving the mercurial star this offseason is an idea worth exploring. The outspoken floor general evidently irked Brooklyn’s executives with maskless celebrations earlier this season, and GM Sean Marks might at least consider a trade based on what we’re hearing from author Matt Sullivan.

Discussing his new book “Can’t Knock The Hustle” on the latest “Celtics Lab” podcast, the award-winning editor hinted at the sort of revelations his new tome contains.

“I’ve heard that Nets ownership was quite upset with Kyrie’s ‘pause,’ especially that maskless party that turned his psuedo-paternity leave into more like a COVID suspension,” said Sullivan.

“And in the last week I’ve heard rumblings – whispers, really, because cracking the Nets is kind of like breaking into the Kremlin, that Brooklyn GM Sean Marks would maybe, possibly, apparently be willing to at least listen to a trade offer for Kyrie this offseason.”

Certainly not what we expected to hear at the outset of our conversation regarding a wealth of details behind Irving’s exit from his last team contained in Sullivan’s new book.

In the podcast in question, the author sets the table for a more complex — if still often frustrating — account of Irving in his new book with regards not only to his new team and how it came together. Sullivan connects the dots between the Duke product’s ongoing friendships with contemporary Celtics, what he has in common with other advocates for racial equity such as Jaylen Brown, and some of the factors leading to his exit from Boston resurfacing in recent postgame comments.

“Can’t Knock the Hustle” came out today, June 22, and isn’t simply a hagiography of one of the league’s more complicated figure. Without the story it tells, an era in history transcending the Nets, the Celtics, and perhaps even the sport would be the poorer. Make sure to check out the interview to get a better taste of what’s between the covers — and how a star on a team that could very well be a title lock if healthy could frustrate enough to cause a GM to consider dealing them. This post originally appeared on Celtics Wire. Follow us on Facebook! [lawrence-related id=52370,52366,52364,52346] [listicle id=52348]