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It appears that all the goodwill that built up between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier has evaporated just three months after the fight that caused them to build up so much goodwill in the first place. 

Poirier and McGregor spent Sunday (and now part of Monday) squabbling on Twitter over the $500,000 donation that McGregor promised to make to Poirier’s foundation before their fight at UFC 257. After McGregor predicted that he’d win their upcoming fight at UFC 264 by TKO, Poirier publicly called out McGregor because the previously promised donation hadn’t been made yet.

McGregor, Poirier duke it out on Twitter

McGregor responded to Poirier (you knew he would) by explaining that he never received any plans for the money. He apparently doesn’t make any charitable donations without knowing exactly where the money is going “dot for dot.”

MMA Junkie confirmed before UFC 257 that both sides had exchanged banking information so the transfer could be made, but McGregor, who was on the losing end of their last fight, was apparently waiting for more information. 

Poirier then responded to a fan who claimed this was all a ruse to promote their fight at UFC 264 because Poirier’s wife had already thanked McGregor for the donation. 

Poirier followed up with McGregor, tweeting that McGregor’s team hadn’t responded to emails about where the donation would be going.

McGregor calls off the fight

It appeared that the Twitter fight had ended, but McGregor had to get the last word. On Monday, he tweeted several insults at Poirier and called off the fight. (Warning: NSFW language ahead.)

Poirier, as cool as ever, responded with one word and a video of himself knocking out McGregor back in January. 

McGregor, again incapable of letting anyone else have the last word, tweeted what he probably thought was a devastating response. It… wasn’t.

McGregor walking away from a downed Poirier is a great image, but it happened seven years ago. Referring to that is a little pathetic when just three months ago, McGregor got knocked out by Poirier just over two minutes into the second round. 

There’s been no official announcement about the status of the fight, so it might still go on. It’s hard to believe McGregor would turn down the opportunity to knockout Poirier after such a public fight.

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