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1) Basketball following football…
The Longhorns are following a familiar script.

After making a change at the top of their football program in early January, Texas, around three months later, did the same in basketball. Like football, the change was executed swiftly. Okay, so there wasn’t that failed pursuit of Urban Meyer. But you get the point. And like football, a vision was pitched to Texas of a loaded coaching staff and a larger support staff that puts one of UT’s advantages, resources, to full use.

The vision Steve Sarkisian pitched to Texas became a reality. The new Texas football coach hired a very impressive, versatile staff that checked all the boxes – recruiting, development, game-planning and in-game coaching, experience, Texas ties. And then Sarkisian and company added so many support staff/program people I lost count a long time ago. For the first time in perhaps ever, the Longhorn battleship is fully operational and ready to use all its expensive toys.

Soon, UT’s basketball program could be operating similarly.

It’s obvious, if you didn’t notice when Chris Ogden immediately showed up to Austin the next day and Ulric Maligi and strength coach John Reilly shared the same flight as Chris Beard to Austin, the new Texas hoops coach didn’t just sell a vision of himself or basketball strategy over some McDonald’s breakfast in Plainview, Texas. He had a detailed vision of Texas Basketball using every little, or big, thing it could to become a dominant, championship force.

Sarkisian arrived from the place doing exactly that in football. As for Beard, it would be tough to find a larger basketball staff and operation than what he had at Lubbock where the athletics department gave him everything he wanted. So, in many ways, you could argue Beard comes from a similar situation. And now he’s going to attempt to execute the enhanced version at Texas.

Yes, enhanced. Undoubtedly, such a statement will put Lubbock on tilt, but the truth is undeniable. That’s why Beard left. It wasn’t because he was a Longhorn. Rather, it’s because he knows no one has ever been able to maximize Texas Basketball. And maybe because he’s a Longhorn, he understands that better than anyone in his position. Now, he’s here to try and so far his vision is becoming reality.

2) Good staffs cost money…
And from what I’ve heard, the money Texas is going to spend on its basketball staff will blow away what it was spending under Shaka Smart…


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