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Bloom sheds light on Red Sox’ trade deadline strategy originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The Boston Red Sox weren’t expected to be in this situation.

They entered the season with low expectations following a disastrous 2020 campaign. Now, with an American League-best 54-32 record as of Tuesday, Boston suddenly finds itself in a position to make a run at a World Series title.

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With their eyes on the postseason, the Red Sox are a team to watch on the trade market leading up to the July 30 deadline. Chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom joined NBC Sports Boston’s Talkin’ Baseball on Tuesday to discuss the team’s approach to making moves this month.

“I think the important thing is just to stay true to the goals that got us to this place where we’re trying to win as many championships as we can,” Bloom said. “This year’s a big part of that, so we want to do everything we can to help this year’s group. You’ve seen it on the field. I mean, not only have we had a lot of success, but it’s a group that believes in itself and is a whole heck of a lot of fun to watch. When you have that legitimate shot at a championship, you want to do everything you can to support it.”

“We’re also not doing our jobs if by doing that, we make it much harder to win championships in every year that follows. So, it all matters. That means maybe we’re walking a tightrope, but that’s exactly where we want to be and as long as we stay true to that goal I think we put ourselves in position to make some moves that can help us.”

With prospects like Jarren Duran and Triston Casas in the pipeline, Boston’s farm system is looking more promising than it has in recent years. Asked if he’d consider parting ways with prospects for a piece to help propel the team to a championship this year, Bloom gave a cautious yet open-minded response.

“It all depends on who, on both sides,” Bloom said. “We try to net that out as best as we can and just look at what the value is, the value of whatever we might be giving up and the value of what we’d be getting. Obviously, if you’re getting a piece that can only help you short-term and you’re giving up someone up that can help you over a much longer period of time, the names have to make sense for that to work. … It all depends on the specifics, I don’t think we should be closed off to anything.”

We’re not so stacked that there isn’t going to be room for talented major league ready players.

Chaim Bloom

All in all, it sure sounds like Bloom is ready to wheel and deal. He made it clear that while there’s plenty of talent up and down the current roster, there’s plenty of space for additions.

“We’re obviously pleased with the depth that we’ve been able to build, but I dont think you ever have enough and I certainly don’t think we’re at the point where we have enough right now,” Bloom said. “We are having a very good year, obviously we’ve got a lot of talent on our roster. We’re not so stacked that there isn’t going to be room for talented major league ready players.”

The 2021 MLB trade deadline falls on July 30.

Watch the full interview with Bloom below: