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Our friends over at CBS Sports have put together another compelling list and this time it ranks the strength of schedules for the Big Ten. It is a bit surprising that they have the Ohio State Buckeyes’ schedule ranked so low, but it makes sense considering the division.

The following is the rakings that CBS Sports provides:

  1. Nebraska

  2. Michigan

  3. Wisconsin

  4. Purdue

  5. Indiana

  6. Rutgers

  7. Michigan State

  8. Maryland

  9. Penn State

  10. Minnesota

  11. Illinois

  12. Iowa

  13. Ohio State

  14. Northwestern

The Buckeyes are ranked near the bottom and it seems a bit unfair considering that they are playing possibly the most hyped non-conference match-up in the nation against Pac-12 powerhouse, Oregon. Ohio State plays both Indiana and Michigan away and perhaps not enough credit is given to how good Indiana can be.

But never fear. If OSU takes care of business, it’ll be right there at the end playing again for some pretty special things.