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Cardi B fans had no idea that the star had been hiding her pregnancy — right under their noses. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET)

Cardi B fans had no idea that the star had been hiding her pregnancy — right under their noses. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET)

Cardi B is a master of disguise.

On Tuesday, the 28-year-old rapper and soon-to-be mother of two shared a TikTok of herself wearing a Marine Serre top and leggings, and heels by Fashion Bomb Daily. In the video, she does not appear to be pregnant as she poses for the photos to the TikTok sound “nobody’s gonna know.” But at the end, she turns to the side to expose her growing belly.

“How would they know ?” she captioned the Instagram post, sharing the TikTok and quoting the popular TikTok sound.

The video shared a moment from a photoshoot prior to her late-June pregnancy announcement. She had shared several photos from the shoot on social media earlier in the month, including one pic in which she was holding two Birkin handbags.

Celebrity friends and fans were dumbfounded and took to the comments to praise the star for her optical illusion.

“This is everything,” Chloe Bailey declared, with another fan writing, “Fooled tf out of meeeeeee.” Another said, “THIS IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES,” while others added, “WE DID NOT KNOW,” and, “Girl you got us good.”

Cardi B, who shares 3-year-old daughter Kulture with husband and Migos rapper Offset, went public with her second pregnancy during a performance with Migos at the 2021 BET Awards. She has since shared several pregnancy photos featuring Offset and Kulture.

In one post she talked about how she looked forward to Kulture bonding with her new sibling, writing, “I just know these two will love each other soo much and argue soo much since they’re 3 years apart…just like me and Henny. But one thing for sure is they’ll have each other’s back like no one else ever will.”

In a recent interview with New Music Daily Radio on Apple Music, the “Up” rapper shared about balancing parenting with her busy career during the pandemic.

“These past months like, the music video for the song ‘Up’, I was doing rehearsals, I was doing Zoom, every meeting, because these music videos, I take that sh*t to f***ing heart. Like, it has to be perfect. It’s got to be amazing,” she said. “I sent my daughter to New York for two weeks, and I was just to the point that I was just crying. I’m like, ‘I’ve got to get my kid.’ It’s really complicated. You know what I’m saying? I don’t have a babysitter, and I don’t want to be flying out my mom, because of COVID.”

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