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A 6’8″, 222 pound Class of 2022 forward/guard, Darren Buchanan has turned heads for the last two years, elbowing himself into being a recruited entity. Strong, athletic and willing to improve, Buchanan is an attractive prospect to Division I coaches.

On that last point, just ask him.

“I have offers from Howard, Radford, Xavier, Rutgers, VCU, North Texas, Bryant, Seton Hall and a few other schools” revealed Buchanan at a recent We Outside League date, one he attended in support of friends.

The Hoyas haven’t officially invited him to attend, instead are simply recruiting Darren at this point.

Where do the Hoyas stand? See the interview below, one published days ago on Premium Court for that.

Also there are what attracts him to colleges, his personal physical growth and spurt, moving away from the rim, thoughts on travel team home Team Durant, what Wilson (DC) head coach Angelo Hernandez means and how older brother Darrius Buchanan has helped shape him.

You will be hearing more from and about Buchanan.