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Between his decade of fame and $330 million contract, Bryce Harper probably sees as much heckling as any player in MLB (non-Houston Astros department). Not all of the hecklers are going to be smart.

The Philadelphia Phillies star ran into a very loud, very wrong man at Friday’s game against the Atlanta Braves. The man chose to drop a heckling classic: “You’ll never be as good as ___,” the blank in this case being Ronald Acuña Jr.

Harper has probably heard such a line hundreds of times. And yet he took the rare step of responding. The reason why becomes evident when you take a close look at what Harper was saying, or rather enunciating.

The man was pronouncing “Acuña” wrong.

You can see Harper very clearly saying “It’s ‘ah-CUHN-ya.'” J.T. Realmuto, standing next to Harper, seemed to enjoy the show.

You’ve got to hand it to the heckler for being loud enough to overwhelm Harper’s attempt at preventing further embarrassment, and the follow-through it takes to post the exchange online, where everyone can see it and promptly mock you.

You also have to wonder how a person can care enough about baseball to heckle Bryce Harper, but not know how to say the name of his team’s young superstar.

Even ignoring the mispronunciation, saying a player will never be as good as another player is quite a decision when the player you’re heckling has won a unanimous MVP award

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