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The Cleveland Browns are 7-8 and somehow have a simple path to the AFC North championship.

After losing back-to-back close games in Week 15 and 16, the Browns continue to be in last place in the division. They are also in position for a top ten pick if they lose their last two games. Currently, with Sunday Night and Monday Night Football left to be played, Cleveland is currently slated to draft 13th.

Despite all of that, the Browns are also squarely in a position to win the AFC North title. Just four games need to go in their favor and the team would not only win the division but host a playoff game.

It starts with the two games that Cleveland has control of. The Browns must defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals in Week 17 and 18. In doing so, the Browns would secure the divisional tiebreaker over each division rival.

Then Cleveland needs the Baltimore Ravens to lose one of their two games and the Bengals to lose in Week 17 as well. The Ravens face the Los Angeles Rams before finishing with the Steelers while the Bengals face the Kansas City Chiefs next week.

The Ravens and Bengals will be underdogs in Week 17. If the Browns beat the Steelers and those two games go as currently favored, the Week 18 matchup between the Browns and Bengals would decide the divisional title.

If the Browns beat the Steelers and Bengals and
the Chiefs beat the Bengals and
the Rams or Steelers beat the Ravens…

… the Cleveland Browns are the AFC North champions, the fourth seed in the AFC and hosting a playoff game in January.