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Photo credit: Golf Channel on NBC/Twitter

Photo credit: Golf Channel on NBC/Twitter

  • Brooks Koepka finished tied for second in the 2021 PGA Championship, and was being interviewed afterwards.

  • During the interview, he lost his train of thought when fellow golfer Bryson DeChambeau walked by.

  • “I fucking…I lost my train of thought, hearing that bullshit,” he said. “Fucking christ.”

Golfer Brooks Koepka finished in a tie for second place at this past weekend’s 2021 PGA Championship, but its an interview that he did afterwards that’s got the internet talking. Talking might be putting it lightly: Koepka’s complete and utter disdain for fellow golfer Bryson DeChambeau (who finished 38th in the weekend’s tournament) as he walked by during Koepka’s TV interview is both remarkable and relatable.

The 31-year-old was explaining some of the trouble he had putting with some of the stronger winds, when DeChambeau walked by, and stopped him in his tracks. Now, the two did not interact at all. But the sound of metal cleats—which DeChambeau wears—clearly stopped Koepka in his tracks. As he walks by, Koepka paused, rolled his eyes out of pure exasperation, and tried to continue. “Sometimes…” he said, realizing he wouldn’t be able to continue. “I fucking…I lost my train of thought, hearing that bullshit. Fucking christ.”

The crew interviewing Koepka laughed it off, and the raw footage shows them starting the interview over; the anchor tells Koepka that they’re going to enjoy watching that one back later, and Koepka implies that he doesn’t care if everyone sees his annoyance. “I honestly wouldn’t even care,” he says.

The video that’s gone viral was uploaded by Twitter user @RJWinfield, and is only 45 seconds long.

While it sounds like DeChambeau says something as he walks past Koepka, it wasn’t his words that bothered him so much as his mere presence. DeChambeau is one of the few golfers on the tour who wears those metal cleats, and you can hear them coming.

Koepka and DeChambeau have had beef in the past—Koepka has called out DeChambeau for his slow pace-of-play, and also trolled him over a claim of red ants near his ball (looking for a drop)—but it took this one (presumably fairly minor) annoyance to really viscerally see just how much Koepka does not like DeChambeau.

Not long after the video of Koepka went viral, DeChambeau posted a video of himself doing…some sort of workout in his garage, while electronic music blasts and a caption saying “Failure only pushes me” appears on the screen.

As the increasingly-raucous crowd at Sunday night’s PGA Championship conclusion got more and more into the action—they were hyped because Phil Mickelson won his first major since 2013 and became the oldest to ever win a major at age 50—comparisons on social media were drawn to the raucous golf crowd in Adam Sandler’s movie Happy Gilmore. But even Koepka’s 2nd place finish drew a comparison—to the movie’s villain, Shooter McGavin, who clearly just despises Sandler’s titular character.

Kopeka kept his own feed squeaky clean and congratulated Mickelson after his victory.

But once the video of him rolling his eyes and getting annoyed at DeChambeau started making the rounds, reactions began really pouring in. A lot of people in particular wanted to see the two golfers paired together. Could this be a rivalry for the ages?

Even non-Golf fans are getting into the drama.

In the end, there’s only one thing we can really say about all this: let’s hope this rivalry continues, because it sure is fun.

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