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Apr. 23—Trails group seeks volunteers for stewardship program

BOISE — Idaho Trails Association is looking for young people from 14 to 18 years old to volunteer with its trail stewardship program this summer.

The organization’s youth trail program is planning six trips into Idaho’s backcountry where program participants will build and maintain trails and learn about teamwork and the outdoors.

A schedule of trips and more information is available

Artists invited to illustrate dangers of pets in the wild

OLYMPIA — The Washington Invasive Species Council and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are inviting people to produce and submit art that depicts the dangers of releasing unwanted pets or plants into the wild.

The art contest is associated with the state’s “Don’t Let it Loose” campaign.

“Many people release their unwanted pets into the wild thinking it is the humane thing to do, but, sadly, it is not humane as most of those pets end up dying in the wild because they aren’t adapted to this climate,” said Justin Bush, executive coordinator of the Washington Invasive Species Council. “Those pets and plants that do survive can go on to become invasive species, and our native wildlife species don’t have defenses against them or the diseases they may carry.”

The contest runs through May 14. According to a news release, submitted art should depict pets or plants that people might release; that invasive species can harm the state’s native plants and animals; and include explanations or illustrations showing other options to rehome unwanted pets or plants.

More information, including contest rules, are available at

Cowboy/silhouette match scheduled Saturday in Lapwai

LAPWAI — The Lewis-Clark Wildlife Club will hold a National Rifle Association-approved cowboy/hunter pistol silhouette match at its range off of Tom Beall Road near here Saturday.

Sign-up starts at 9 a.m., and the match will begin before 10 and end in the early afternoon. Each participant will shoot from a standing offhand position at small, steel knock-down targets of chickens at 40 meters, pigs at 50, turkeys at 75 and rams at 100 meters. One shot is allowed per target, and the total match requires 40 rounds. Practice will be allowed before the match starts.

Six categories of firearms are used for National Rifle Association-approved matches: small-bore cowboy rifle (.22 long rifle cartridge only, and rifle must have a tubular magazine but not be semiautomatic); pistol cartridge cowboy rifle (sample cartridges include .38/.357, .45 Colt, .44 magnum, .22 magnum); hunter’s pistol scoped (sample cartridges include .22 Hornet, .25-20, .38/.357, .32-30, .44 magnum); small-bore hunter’s pistol (open sights, .22 long rifle only); small-bore hunter’s pistol scoped (.22 long rifle only); and hunter’s pistol open sights (same cartridges as hunter’s pistol scoped). Bullet velocities for centerfire arms should not exceed 1,000-feet-per-second muzzle velocity, to prevent target damage. Practice targets are available for checking loads.

Cost per shooter is $10 for the first match, $5 for the second and $5 for first-time shooters. Competing in local matches will qualify shooters to participate in the Idaho State Silhouette Match in early July.

The smaller portion of the range, with targets to 100 yards, will be available to nonmatch shooters. There will be several cease-fires as targets are reset by hand.

The range can be reached by turning east off U.S. Highway 95 onto Tom Beall Road, 1 mile north of Lapwai, and proceeding up the road about 4.5 miles.

Bench Rest Match is Sunday at Lapwai shooting range

LAPWAI — The Lewis-Clark Wildlife Club will play host to the National Bench Rest Shooters Association Hunter Bench Rest Match starting at 7 a.m. Sunday at its range near here.

The competition involves shooting one shot at each of five bull’s-eyes on one target, for record. There is a sixth bull’s-eye on each target for sighting in. All shots must be made within a span of 7 minutes. Shooting will be done from existing benches at the range. Targets will be at 100 and 200 yards. Six targets per shooter will be shot at each range, including one for warm up and five for score. Prizes will be awarded to competitors.

Hunter rifles must be .24-caliber or larger, and telescopic sights must be a fixed six-power. Muzzle brakes are not allowed. Hunter bench-rest class has additional rules pertaining to weight, size and action type, and questions may answered by calling the range at (208) 843-2987 or by contacting match director Paul Gylling at (509-553-1118.

The range will be open for bench-rest competitors at 7 a.m. For all noncompetitors, the range will open at the usual 9 a.m. The 18-bench side of the range will be reserved for the exclusive use of competitors. Noncompetitors will be allowed to shoot at distances up to 100 yards from the six-bench side.

For nonmatch shooters there will be 10 cease-fires of 15-22 minutes, one of 45-50 minutes and one lasting 35-40 minutes, during and after the match, which will last until at least 2:30 p.m.

The range can be reached by turning east on Tom Beall Road off of U.S. Highway 95, 1 mile north of Lapwai and proceeding up the road about 4.5 miles.