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Beal amazed at Westbrook‘s ‘mind-boggling’ triple-doubles originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

If you’re not sure how to feel about Russell Westbrook and his triple-doubles, after all these years of him racking them up like nobody has before, and the value of the stat itself being debatable, perhaps you will find interesting how impressed his teammate Bradley Beal is from watching him up close every night.

Beal, a three-time All-Star and the current league-leading scorer, is an All-Star NBA player, yet even he finds himself in disbelief sometimes as he sees Westbrook get triple-doubles one after another.

It’s crazy because a couple years ago when he was the MVP and finished the year averaging 30 and a triple-double, I was like ‘I wonder how he does that.’ Now I get to witness it firsthand night in and night out and it’s still mind-boggling,” Beal said.


Westbrook had 25 points, 15 rebounds and 11 assists (also four steals) against the Kings on Wednesday night in the Wizards’ 123-111 win and that was his sixth straight game with a triple-double. He has triple-doubles in 10 of his last 11 games.

The latest was his 24th of the season. That is a franchise record both for a single season and a career, and Westbrook has only played 47 games for the team.


He just has a knack for the ball in terms of rebounding. He pushes the ball. He loves [passing]. He’s unselfish. He wants his guys to be involved in the game. Obviously, they lead to assists,” Beal said.

“It’s just crazy how it happens. He does it in the first five minutes of the game; he has four, seven and seven. It’s like ‘okay, it will be a good night for him.’ We love that about him, we love his aggressiveness. We feed off that. When he gets the rebound, we push. He just makes our life easy.”

Wednesday was Westbrook’s 170th career triple-double, which leaves him just 11 behind Oscar Roberton’s record which was polished off all the way back in 1974. At his current rate, he may get there by the end of the season, as the Wizards have 18 games remaining.

I definitely think he’ll surpass that with ease,” Beal said.