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If there was ever any doubt about whether it would be important to All-Star Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown whether the next head coach of the Celtics was a person of color, we can probably put that doubt to rest.

The outspoken Celtics star took to Twitter Wednesday evening to comment on a relationship he observed between playoff success in the 2021 NBA Playoffs and head coaching choices, tweeting “Analytics : 7 nba teams are remaining 4 are lead by African American head coaches.” When one considers the NBA only has one other African American head coach at present, Brown’s statement is all the more impactful.

Given recent reporting on the range of candidates for Boston’s head coaching search, this seem to be being taken into consideration by his team’s front office.

Former Celtic Terry Rozier replied to Brown’s observation shortly after, tweeting in response “Tell em analyze that.” It should probably come as no surprise that players like Brown see a connection between being led by an African American and player success at the highest level given his previous interest in the representation of people of color in the media.

“How Black men are looked at and represented in culture is important,” Brown said in an interview with PEOPLE magazine in late 2020. “To try to change some of those narratives in media is a great effort.” From what we are seeing the Georgia native talking about on his Twitter account, it seems Brown is trying to bend his platform to that end himself. This post originally appeared on Celtics Wire. Follow us on Facebook! [lawrence-related id=52055,52039,52043,52038] [listicle id=52046]