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May 31—It might be weird to say this, but it’s time to put some respect on Phil Mickelson’s name.

The guy just won the PGA Championship at 50 years old, yet there has hardly been any talk about him this week. I know he didn’t play his best at the Charles Schwab and missed the cut, but I feel like he didn’t get enough love this week.

Instead, most of golf Twitter and social media were talking about Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau’s feud.

If you’re not aware, a video got leaked of one of Koepka’s post-round interviews where DeChambeau walks behind him in spikes, and Koepka rolls his eyes and says some profanity to the reporter.

That blew up on Twitter and other social media channels, and it even resulted in Koepka becoming a meme for so many different jokes. Then Koepka added more fuel to the fire when The Match announced DeChambeau and Green Bay’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers would pair up against Mickelson and Tom Brady.

Koepka tweeted, “Sorry bro, @Aaron Rodgers.” DeChambeau commented that he was living rent-free in Koepka’s head. The petty feud went on from there, and I won’t lie, as much as I don’t like DeChambeau, I got swept into it and was rooting for Keopka because he said what most of us are thinking when it comes to DeChambeau.

Then I thought about it, and well, my best friend called me out for worrying more about what was said next instead of the history that Mickelson made last Sunday.

He was right — Mickelson becoming the old major winner in golf’s long history is truly something every golf person should marvel at because it could mean so many things for the future of golf.

Also, there may be stories about Mickelson and how he celebrated, but that feud, in my opinion, took over more.

But I feel like that is what happens — something cool like Mickelson beating out players half his age for a PGA Championship isn’t as click-worthy as a Twitter feud between two of golf’s superstars.

Well, Mickelson was a superstar long before either of them hit the Tour.

After scrolling through a Google search of Mickelson’s win, I see there are stories, but it’s sad to me because so many of the social media platforms let it go too early in the week for my liking.

Mickelson just opened up the door for older pros to realize maybe it’s possible to win a major after 46. He flat out said he has to work extremely hard, but Mickelson’s in incredible shape, and it’s showing.

He beat out Justin Thomas, DeChambeau, Koepka, Jordan Spieth. It just goes to show that any given week, regardless of age, any golfer can make it happen.

I wanted to see Mickelson on TV at every late night show talking about his win, but I guess they don’t do that anymore.

Even if he didn’t make the cut this week, what he did last week is things golfers before him dreamed of and couldn’t make happen.

So I’m not surprised he didn’t do well this week. It takes a lot out of a golfer to win a major championship, especially a 50-year-old. If I’m betting anything, he’s gearing up for the U.S. Open to achieve that career grand slam finally.

Even if it’s more entertaining to talk about what the younger guys are doing, we as golf fans need to appreciate the historic moment Mickelson gave us.

There will be plenty of time for the younger guys to get publicity for the 8 million social media incentive.

So celebrate Phil until the U.S Open, then we will be honoring him again.