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The reality is when you really think about it, it’s hard to come up with even one team that’s good enough to win the Stanley Cup this season. They all have their flaws and every one of them has taken a turn going from world-beater to full-blown tire fire. The 2019-20 Detroit Red Wings, who will go down as the worst team of the salary cap era and one of the worst in franchise history, has beaten the Boston Bruins, Vegas Golden Knights, Edmonton Oilers and Tampa Bay Lightning this season.

If you had the choice of one team or the field to win the Cup this year, the smart money would pick the field every single time, regardless of the team. But another reality is that unless the COVID-19 virus wipes out the playoffs, somebody has to win this thing. So what better team than the Lightning, who have amazed, confounded and annoyed since the puck first dropped in October? To acknowledge that things did not end well the last time the Lightning were the prohibitive favorite to win the Cup would be tantamount to saying that Euro Disney hasn’t quite lived up to the North American version. You might remember the Lightning crashing and burning, since it happened just last spring.