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Simmons teases Sixers fans on Instagram after Game 5 originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Ben Simmons‘ relationship with Philadelphia might never stabilize. One minute Sixers fans are singing his praises for his incredible defense or next-level vision, the next they’re killing him for his shooting ability.

Sports fandom in 2021 is all gas, no brakes, and Simmons is the perfect target for that full-steam-ahead analysis.

And the Sixers star decided to poke a little fun at the fans’ seemingly wishy-washy relationship with their second best player after a Game 5 win over the Wizards to advance to the second round.

Simmons posted an innocuous photo on Instagram around midnight, but it’s the caption that has some folks talking:

“They love me. They love me not. They love me. They love me not.”

Add a flower and a laughing face, and Simmons is both referencing The Little Mermaid and teasing the hot-and-cold Sixers fanbase.

I think Sixers fans have to like the attitude, especially after Simmons was absolutely superb in Game 5, dropping a triple-double and locking up multiple Wizards on the defensive end, all without Joel Embiid available.

This is the kind of spice you want to see from Simmons, particularly in the playoffs. In Game 4, he acknowledged he was too passive, and that’s a common criticism of the 24-year-old star: sometimes, he forgets who he is. 

He’s Ben Simmons! He’s a basketball genius and an athletic specimen who is a one-of-a-kind talent and can change every game he’s involved in, and if he’s feeling himself after Game 5, that’s nothing but good news for Sixers fans who want more dominating performances in the second round against the Hawks.

Well played, fresh prince.