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Twitter is roasting Matt Nagy for this Justin Fields comment originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

With Andy Dalton injured, rookie quarterback Justin Fields is starting for the Chicago Bears.

That means Fields is finally getting reps with the first team offense in practice and it’s turning some heads, like head coach Matt Nagy’s.

During a Friday press conference, Nagy had this to say.

“We’re learning too. Like this week, him getting all the reps in practice, there’s things that we’re seeing that maybe we didn’t see in the first two weeks because he wasn’t getting those (first-team) reps,” Nagy said.

Nagy is trying to say he is seeing Fields grow and flourish and he’s excited.

Fans are running to Twitter to roast Nagy and add a bit of #ToldYaSo because fans have been clamoring for Fields to start and get those first-team reps. Nagy’s admission that they’re seeing things in Fields now because of it plays right into their hands.

And Twitter let it be known.

Better late than never I guess.