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Count Bart Scott among those who would like to see the Jets run it back with Sam Darnold.

While Zach Wilson to the Jets seems to be a foregone conclusion at this point, Scott doesn’t believe the decision-makers at One Jets Drive have come to that unanimous decision just yet.

“I think it’s a struggle going on within the building,” Scott said during an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up. “I believe that some people want Zach Wilson and some people want Sam Darnold. I think Sam Darnold is 23 years old, he has the opportunity for the first time to have a good football coach, a good environment around him.”

The former Jets linebacker isn’t ready to throw the towel in on Darnold just yet. He believes that fans are ready to give up on Darnold because Wilson is the “shiny new toy,” but that was Darnold just three years ago.

Scott doesn’t buy into the narrative that the Jets should let Darnold’s fifth-year option get in the way of the team’s decision. He views it as a discount compared to what the current going rate is for a star quarterback.

Scott has seen his fair share of quarterbacks throughout his 11-year NFL career and as an analyst with ESPN. He’s a self-proclaimed “authority” on bad quarterback play in the league and while Darnold’s coming off the worst season of his career, he doesn’t fall under that umbrella in Scott’s eyes.

“Listen, I am an expert in horrible quarterbacks,” Scott said. “I know one when I see one, and Sam Darnold is not a horrible quarterback. He’s a franchise quarterback. I’ve been around enough bums to know who’s a good quarterback. He just needs some protection and opportunity to learn and grow underneath a great, offensive-minded coach.”