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Creighton W. Abrams Memorial Award: presented to the team captains.

Recipients: Mike Johnson, Sandon McCoy and Amadeo West

LTG Garrison Davidson Award: presented to the graduating senior who maintains the highest military grade.

Recipient: Jordan Blackman

Major William C. Whitehead Jr. Memorial Award: presented to graduating member of the Army Football Team with the highest class standing.

Recipient: Michael Leisle

Thomas West Hammond Memorial Award: presented to the outstanding lineman for the season.

Recipient: Nolan Cockrill

COL James B. Gillespie Memorial Award: presented to the player who displays outstanding dedication, unfailing performance and consistently contributes to the Army Football Team.

Recipient: Arik Smith

COL Joel B. “Dopey” Stephens Award: presented to the outstanding football player on the offensive and defensive scout team.

Offense Recipient: Markens Pierre

Defense Recipient: Austin Hill

Anthony Miller Coaching Staff Award: presented to the team’s most inspirational player.

Recipient: Marquel Broughton

Army Lifter of the Year Award: presented by the Army strength staff to a player who performed at a high-level in the weight room.

Recipient: Mike Johnson

1LT Chase Prasnicki Memorial Award: presented to the First Class Cadet on the Army Football Team who embodies the characteristics of 1LT Steven Chase Prasnicki, Class of 2010, who was killed in action in June, 2012. Prasnicki’s sacrifice epitomized the values of loyalty, selfless service, and teamwork taught by both the United States Army and the United States Military Academy. Prasnicki was always a team player, continuously putting the needs of the team above his own personal goals and serves as a role model for all past, current, and future Army Football Players.

Recipient: Mike Johnson

Black Lion Award: awarded for Leadership, Courage, Devotion, and Selfless Service. The award is presented to the football player who best exemplifies the character of Don Holleder. The award is sponsored by and established at West Point by the Army Football Club in conjunction with the Black Lions Association which provides this award to hundreds of high school football players each year.

Recipient: Amadeo West

COL Thruston Hughes Memorial Award: presented to the Most Valuable Player on the team.

Recipient: Jon Rhattigan