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The Liverpool bus was blocked ahead of kick-off.

The Liverpool bus was blocked ahead of kick-off.

Anti-Glazer protesters attempted to disrupt the rearranged Manchester United fixture by blocking a Liverpool team bus outside Old Trafford.

Jurgen Klopp’s squad had assembled at the Hyatt Regency, two miles from Old Trafford, with cars on the road blocking a team coach.

Liverpool arrived earlier in the day in three buses, and the players remained in the hotel as a red team bus was blocked by protesters using abandoned cars in one of the side streets near Old Trafford, with its tyres let down while it was stranded.

Footage emerged two hours and 15 minutes before scheduled kick-off of the bus being targeted, but it soon became apparent that the players were not on it.

One of the other buses, a black one, remained at the team hotel, with four police riot vans arriving soon after for what appeared to be an escort to Old Trafford, where they are expected to arrive at 6:45pm.

The incident came 11 days after the United clash with Liverpool, one of the biggest games in English football, was postponed when fans stormed the stadium.

United fans, angered by the club attempting to join the European Super League, gathered on the forecourt of Old Trafford for a protest at 6pm.

“Joel Glazer’s going to die” and “we want Glazers out”, sang the United demonstrators.

Numbers quickly swelled to hundreds as more began to gather outside the stadium, although a 10-foot steel wall had been erected around Old Trafford earlier in the week in anticipation of further protests, with security and police presence significantly increased.

A number of flares were let off outside the security perimeter, with fans making their way towards the Munich tunnel where they gained access to the stadium during the original protests.

United’s home game against Leicester City on Tuesday went ahead without incident after a heavy police and security presence ensured no access to fans, who are barred from the ground due to Covid-19 restrictions.

As part of the protests which stopped the Liverpool game from taking place, fans blocked the exit of the Manchester hotel that is regularly used by the club for the players’ pre-game meal, meetings and rest.

However, United players were pictured arriving at Old Trafford from as early as 1pm on Thursday after driving to the stadium individually, before any protestors had started to gather outside.