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It didn’t take long for Game 2 of the series between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns to get weird.

One minute into the first quarter, Anthony Davis failed to connect on a jump shot. Further review, however, showed his foot, which he had kicked out to draw a foul, had connected somewhere else:

Add that to the list of reasons the NBA should crack down on unnatural shooting motions this offseason.

Here’s another angle:

Watching that, you would probably assume that it was a foul. And yes, it was. On Crowder, initially.

Because of that, er, contact with Davis’ shooting motion, Crowder was hit with his second personal foul of the night and Davis was given two free throws. An official review then gave Davis a very understandable flagrant 1 foul, which gave Crowder his own free throws and the Suns the ball.

The flagrant did not cancel out Crowder’s own foul though, so he soon had to go to the bench with two fouls in the first minute of the game.

While that sequence of events was surprising, what was not surprising was Draymond Green’s name coming up on the broadcast. TNT broadcaster Reggie Miller soon brought up the Golden State Warriors power forward, well known for such kicks.

Miller also posited that Davis’ kick was unintentional, and that discussion soon summoned Green to Twitter like a groin-kicking Beetlejuice:

Quality discourse.

You will also not be surprised to hear that NBA Twitter had jokes:

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