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At 3:15pm Leah Shutkever, EUROPE #1 Female Competitive Eater and 7x World record holder, drops some EXCLUSIVE news, and how she became a competitive eater, and many more! Also, a funny story with her brother and an unexpected challenge she conquered in style!

At 3:30pm Chris Pinson WCJB Gainesville slapping his opinion on college football. Interesting topics and what percentage college football plays this year? Will there be a FSU/UF game this year? Chris and JP deliver their thoughts.

At 3:45 Kevin Weiss of the locked on rays podcast joins us to talk about the Rays and how they should be able to safely host fans He and JP have some good ideas Mayor Kriseman! Tune in and find out!

Chris Torello of Spectrum Sports 360 joins the gang to talk about Bucs and USF fans chances of getting into Ray Jay

At 4:15 Bobby the Chief Taylor from the Lightning Broadcast team talks to us about the Lightning moving into playoff mode and the interesting line combinations he saw at practice today…and funny things in THE BUBBLE!!!

4:30 SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT: 72 players 2.5% of players tested positive for COVID-19 in the NFL. Donovan Smith, time is ticking, whatcha gonna do brother? Tom Brady’s blindside is on edge on if he is going to play this year. The show give our thoughts on the topic.

Bethune-Cookman University canceled sports. JP explains why so many schools are canceling sports. Yanni Gourde, forward for the Tampa Bay Lightning, was mic’d up at practice and man is he a character!

4;45 GOOD NEWS! VACCINE for COVID-19 found? Supposedly, there has been a vaccine and offers not single, but DOUBLE PROTECTION. GO GET YOUR SEASON TICKETS NOW PEOPLE!

We get tangled up in the topic, check it out. JJ Watt drops a little knowledge on what’s happening between the NFL/NFLPA saga. WNBA MVP Elena Della-Donne, who has been forced into playing during the pandemic is in a tough spot. Is this a bad look for the WNBA?

At 5:15pm, Kailey Mizelle of Fox Sports FL, jumps on the show to join us live to talk about the Lightning. How being healthy leading into the playoffs this year for the bolts is a HUGE difference from last year. Before and after the restart, what are the differences? Kaylee shares all the scoops!

Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins reportedly on the “Jeffery Epstein” list. Disturbing material, you have to get a load of this. Dan Snyder could be in a big heap of a mess! We also have Tampa Bay Buccaneers audio from Espn’s Ryan Clark and Brian “Baldy” Baldinger with HIGH PRAISE for the Bucs! Also, Golf update; How good is Tiger doing? Whose in the lead?

Its 5:45pm and you know what time it is, it’s time to go “DOWN IN THE DM’s” with Kasey the Intern. Tune in to see what juicy material she has in store this week! Is there a return of washboard abs?

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