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On Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid responded to recent comments made by ex-Chiefs RB Le’Veon Bell on social media.

Bell had lashed out at Reid on Instagram over the weekend, saying that he’d retire before playing for Reid again. This prompted some harsh criticism of Bell from media members, as well as current and former NFL players. Reid is beloved and known as a player’s coach, which made it a bit shocking to see such an inflammatory comment.

Following said criticism, Bell then sought to explain his comment on Twitter. He ended up providing less of an explanation for his feelings and instead doubled down on his stance against Reid.

As expected, the Chiefs’ head coach was nothing but class when responding to Bell’s comments. Reid said he had heard the comments, but he didn’t seem upset or perturbed. He knows exactly how he feels about Bell and his time in Kansas City.

“Listen, I really enjoyed my time with him here,” Reid told reporters on Thursday. “I appreciated the way he handled things and did his business. He had some productive downs for us.”

We may never find out what was said or done to prompt Bell to feel the way he does. It’s clear that his former head coach appreciates his contributions in 2020, no matter how big or small.

Reid is also still in Bell’s corner for the next chapter of his NFL career, wherever it may take him.

“I’m pulling for him in the future,” Reid continued. “I mean, that’s how I roll. People say things, they say things. I move on. I wish him the best.”